Healthy Potato Salads from Around the World – The Daring Cooks June,2011 Challenge

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Healthy Potato Salads from Around the World – The Daring Cooks June,2011 Challenge

EN Jami Sorrento was our June Daring Cooks hostess and she chose to challenge us to celebrate the humble spud by making a delicious and healthy potato salad. The Daring Cooks Potato Salad Challenge was sponsored by the nice people at the United States Potato Board, who awarded prizes to the top 3 most creative and healthy potato salads. A medium-size (5.3 ounce) potato has 110 calories, no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium and includes nearly half your daily value of vitamin C and has more potassium than a banana!

Anyway, this was the right time for healthy and delicious salad, because of the springtime and my diet. I really adore these fresh, small, young potatoes, so decided to make the challenge with this type. 

Potato salad with red pepper & white dressing
per 1 portion
8-10 fresh baby potatoes
2 red peppers
2-3 sticks of fresh, green onion
2 slices of fresh lemon for decoration
Dressing ingredients:
1 tbsp of light mayonnaise
1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp of mustard /I used with bbq taste/
2-3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp of yogurt
1 clove of garlic /grated/
sea salt by taste
freshly grated black pepper, by taste
Boil the potatoes for 25 min. and cool. Peel if prefer and set aside. Meanwhile grill the peppers and put them in plastic bag for cooling. This allows peeling them easy. Peel and clean the seeds from inside, cut them into thin strips and add to the whole potatoes.
Mix the dressing and add cool potatoes and peppers. Garnish with some dill and onion. Decorate with lemon slices and serve.

BG Картофена салата с червени чушки и бял дресинг
Необходими продукти:
за 1 порция
1-10 пресни малки картофа
2 червени чушки
2-3 стръка пресен, зелен лук
2 резена лимон за декорация
Необходими продукти за дресинга:
1 с.л. лека майонеза
1 с.л. прясно изцеден лимонов сок
1 с.л. горчица /аз използвах с вкус барбекю/
2-3 с.л. екстра върджин зехтин
1 с.л. кисело мляко
1 скилидка чесън /настърган/
морска сол и прясно смлян черен пипер на вкус
Начин на приготвяне:
Сварете картофите за около 25 мин и ги охладете. Ако предпочитате, може да ги обелите и оставете настрани. През това време изпечете на скара или грил тиган чушките, поставете в найлонов плик и оставете да се охладят. Това ще ви позволи лесно да ги обелите. Обелете и почистете от семената, нарежете на ивици и добавете към картофите.

Смесете съставките за дресинга, разбийте и добавете към картофите и чушките. Гарнирайте с копър и лук. За финал, декорирайте с резените лимон и сервирайте.

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12 коментара

  1. FamilySpice 14/06/2011 at 14:04 - Reply

    Beautiful, as always! This looks heavenly!

  2. Todd M 14/06/2011 at 14:16 - Reply

    Very beautiful – looks like a great spring salad.

  3. Stefania 14/06/2011 at 14:58 - Reply

    Bella presentazione molto chic, ciao

  4. shelley c. 14/06/2011 at 16:32 - Reply

    Your potato salad looks delicious, and the creamy dressing sounds perfect. Great job!

  5. chef_d 15/06/2011 at 00:07 - Reply

    This looks gorgeous and delicious, well done on this month's challenge!

  6. Carolyn 15/06/2011 at 03:07 - Reply

    Beautiful photo!! I love how you have the taste of BBQ in it…great idea! YUMMM! =)

  7. Vania Georgieva 15/06/2011 at 09:54 - Reply

    Thank you, all!!!

  8. Morgan 15/06/2011 at 22:53 - Reply

    Beautiful photos! It looks delicious

  9. Ани 17/06/2011 at 12:10 - Reply

    Ваня, чудесни снимки и много вкусна салатка ни предлагаш. Поздрави

  10. Ева Тонева 17/06/2011 at 13:48 - Reply

    Вкусно, красиво и с вкус на лято…
    Страхотна презентация и снимки, Ваня!

  11. Vania Georgieva 17/06/2011 at 14:32 - Reply

    Момичета, от сърце ви благодаря за милите думи! :o)

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